AM radio broadcasting was created in the early 20th century and it quickly became the main entertainment source for most people in the United States. FM radio broadcasting would be created about 30 years and would slowly start to over take AM radio.

The main reason for FM radio surpassing AM radio is the enhanced quality that FM broadcasting brings. AM broadcasting is far too susceptible to things in the atmosphere affecting the quality of the audio. This simply does not happen when listening to an FM radio broadcast.

While FM radio has been around since the 1930s, it Read the rest of this entry »

FM radio was invented in the 1930s to improve some of the faults of AM radio. AM would get static from electrical sources, it had limited quality and would sometimes get interference from other stations. Edwin Armstrong devised a new approach to transmitting the radio signals, and FM radio was born.

Armstrong met with opposition from all sides. His invention would mean costly retrofits for existing stations all over the country. Most of the stations were owned by the record companies, Read the rest of this entry »

Since I live out in the “sticks,” as my family loves to call it, I don’t have access to DSL or cable Internet. While I had managed without the web for quite some time, my wife was finally able to convince me that we needed to get “connected.” A few weeks ago, I found a great deal on satellite Internet (see and, before I knew it, I had a big satellite dish sitting on my roof.

To my pleasant surprise, I was also able to get Sirius XM satellite radio service in addition to my Internet service. I absolutely love it. For around 15 bucks a month, I have access to more than 130 channels spanning everything from music, news, sports, traffic and weather. Surprisingly, there is no static whatsoever with the satellite reception – even out in the country where I live. And best of all, there are no commercials on the music stations.

My favorite thing about Sirius satellite radio, though, is its portability. The satellite tuner I got is extremely compact and designed to be transported easily between my house and my car. This is extremely convenient for me since I’m always on the move.

My wife can have all the Internet she wants. I’ll take satellite radio.

Just as the Great Depression was turning around, the radio began to have a dramatic effect on political life in the US. Franklin D. Roosevelt had used his “fireside chats” as an avenue of communication to connect with an insecure and nervous population during the Depression and calmed fears and made the government a more reliable and steady influence. Multiple disruptive forces mad materialized in the public arena during the economic turmoil. The Communist Party, isolationists, anti-Semites and other divisive groups had worked to Read the rest of this entry »

The FCC, better known as the Federal Communications Commission is a government agency that was developed in 1934; charged with regulating various aspects of the media in radio, television and the many other facets in which society receives communication. The radio is among one of the most prevalent forms of media that the power of FCC influence can be seen in. Below is the most influential way in which the FCC effects the world of radio.

Rules and Regulations

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Radio has always been a great opportunity for companies to advertise their products to consumers. While television and the internet has swooped in lately to take some of the advertising pie away from radio broadcasters, it continues to be a very lucrative medium to this day. Radio advertising was never more prominent, however, than it was in the 1940s.

Radios came into being commercially in the early 1920s, very soon after mechanically operated record players hit it big with consumers. The difference was that since Read the rest of this entry »

Radios have been around for over a century and have definitely made their place on the technology scene. Even with the constant development in the technological field, radios are here to stay. What most people do not stop to think about, though, is what makes radios work.

The vacuum tube found in radios is one of the most important components of a radio.

What is a vacuum tube? A vacuum tube is basically a small device which flows electric current through a small vacuum. The vacuum tube is Read the rest of this entry »