Radios have been around for over a century and have definitely made their place on the technology scene. Even with the constant development in the technological field, radios are here to stay. What most people do not stop to think about, though, is what makes radios work.

The vacuum tube found in radios is one of the most important components of a radio.

What is a vacuum tube? A vacuum tube is basically a small device which flows electric current through a small vacuum. The vacuum tube is extremely important for radios to function properly because they allow a radio to switch and be amplified. Get more information at Similar vacuum tubes are found in guitar amplifiers. Radios rely on vacuum tubes because of the quality of sound found with these tubes rather than the newer transistor models. Without the vacuum tube, radio waves and the process of broadcasting over thin air would have been almost impossible.

These vacuum tubes are powered by batteries or electricity, which is why most radios must be plugged in or require batteries to power them. Vacuum tubes make radios practical and simple and allow for the volume of a radio station to be amplified, which is a necessity.

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