The FCC, better known as the Federal Communications Commission is a government agency that was developed in 1934; charged with regulating various aspects of the media in radio, television and the many other facets in which society receives communication. The radio is among one of the most prevalent forms of media that the power of FCC influence can be seen in. Below is the most influential way in which the FCC effects the world of radio.

Rules and Regulations

The FCC has the most influence over the radio through the various rules and regulations it sets that radio stations must adhere to. Through these rules, radio station managers are limited in terms of the various things their radio stations can do. The most notable aspects of these rules are the restrictions pertaining to the allowance of specific material on-air. The FCC is the entity that deems whether a particular item requires censorship or not.

Many broadcasters have been pushed off the mainstream airwaves due to failing to comply with FCC rules and regulations. Through this occurrence, alternative avenues of media such as satellite radio have been developed where these on air personalities can go and experience the freedom associated with lack of censorship.

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